Upcoming Family-friendly San Antonio Events

Spring’s here. That declaration itself should garner a round of applause or at least a smile. I know we live in Texas and all, but springtime is still a beautiful time of year and it also means more festivals and events (studies have been done) are held for us to attend! Here are two: April […]

San Antonio’s Many Farmers Markets

Let’s be honest, whether it’s fruits or vegetables there’s nothing better than eating delicious, fresh food. Fruits and veggies that are in season are not only full of vitamins and minerals, but they are usually cheaper than buying them at the local grocer. Not only are you getting a deal on your fresh foods, but […]

Celebrate San Antonio!

I don’t know how much revenue the New Year’s Eve Celebrate San Antonio event brings in for the city, but it has to be a pretty large amount. For good reason, too; it attracts more than 250,000 people to the downtown area! Many of the downtown hotels, as well as restaurants, have no vacancies on December […]

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