Motherhood: The Lifetime Achievement Award Luncheon

Texans Can Academies have campuses all over Texas that provide schooling for students that have especially struggled in traditional schooling environments. To give back to the community that supports them, the local San Antonio Can High School students host an annual Motherhood: The Lifetime Achievement Award Luncheon. This year they will honor First Lady of Bexar County, […]

The 21st Annual Jazz Meets Classical Concert is Near!

The San Antonio Museum of Art is known for displaying all sorts of art (it IS an art museum), even music! Scheduled to take place on the 8th of April is the 21st Annual Jazz Meets Classical Concert, the epitome of musical art. You seriously don’t wan’t to miss this performance. The 11-piece ensemble will be […]

San Antonio St. Paddy’s Day Events

Well, some people say it’s the one day of the year that everyone is Irish, and I have taken to that in my lifetime. I’ve worn the green, eaten my fair share of Corned Beef Hash, and even sipped a Guinness. If you’re feeling up to it, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in San Antonio with […]

The River Walk’s Battle of the Bands Is Here!

It’s not too late for the battle of the century (or at least the weekend) scheduled to take place at Arneson River Theatre on the River Walk. On Saturday, January 12, there will be four bands competing for the title of “The 2013 Official Band of the San Antonio River Walk.” If I had known about it […]

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