Be Sure to Catch Fiesta Noche del Rio!


What started as a way to showcase local talent and “stimulate interest on the River Walk” 57 years ago, has continued to showcase talent as well as raise nearly $5 million for needy children in San Antonio. All of this done through an amazing outdoor show known as the Fiesta Noche del Rio.

These shows, performed every Friday & Saturday night beginning at 8:30 p.m. through August 10, 2013, feature music and dances of Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Texas. Fiesta Noche del Rio is a spectacular showing of talent from around San Antonio, and one you’ll undoubtedly enjoy!

For tickets call (210) 226-4651 or visit Eventbrite where you can purchase them up to an hour prior to the show. They’ll run you just $10 as an active or retired service member, and $6 for children ages 6-14. The Alamo Kiwanis Club, which supports and sustains the River Walk show, has approximately 100 local members that help needy children.

Such a wonderful volunteer-led organization deserves your support–don’t you think?




photo courtesy of FNdR

Upcoming Family-friendly San Antonio Events


Spring’s here. That declaration itself should garner a round of applause or at least a smile. I know we live in Texas and all, but springtime is still a beautiful time of year and it also means more festivals and events (studies have been done) are held for us to attend! Here are two:

  • April 12-14 : 66th Annual Poteet Strawberry FestivalMore than just a celebration of the strawberry, this festival is one of the oldest, most popular events in the state and is recognized as the largest agricultural festival in Texas. Located just south of San Antonio, the Poteet Strawberry Festival includes concerts, dancing, rides, gunslingers, rodeo performances, and, of course, loads of strawberries.
  • April 14-17 (Sun through Wed 7:30 p.m., Sun and Wed 2:30 p.m.), Shen Yun 2013Shen Yun. For Chinese, the words evoke a sense of wonder, magic, and the divine. To audiences who have seen it, they recall the experience of a lifetime—a moment so powerfully beautiful it touches the soul. Discover the glory of a fantastically rich culture, that of classical China, brought to life through brilliantly choreographed dance and mesmerizing, all-original orchestral compositions. Magnificently costumed dancers—the world’s elite—move in poetic arrangements that evoke pastoral beauty, imperial drama, and the glory of an ancient civilization. This season, discover what art was meant to be. The performances will take place at Lila Cockrell Theatre (200 E. Market St.)

These are just a couple of the many events taking place in San Antonio in the coming weeks, but they are two of the most promising as far as fun goes. Let us know if there are any other “can’t miss” events taking place soon!






photo courtesy of @StrawberryFestx

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